Currently, Acca Dacca

Currently, Acca Dacca (A blog post by Anja Wade)

Lately, I've been enjoying the music of AC/DC. It's definitely not new to me - I've taught some of the iconic guitar riffs to my students for years, and songs like Back in Black may as well be a soundtrack to life at this point. Thunderstruck is one of those stadium anthems that you grow up hearing as a kid from a football town, even if you have no idea what the lyrics are. It's been interesting to revisit AC/DC's music, and learn more along the way.

AC/DC is an Australian rock band formed in 1973 by Malcolm and Angus Young. I'm not sure if it's because I've had Harry Potter on the brain, or if it's because I'm fascinated by electricity, but recent forays into AC/DC's music have led me down a rabbit hole of not-so random trivia. Acca Dacca sounds like it's one syllable away from a Hogwarts magic spell, but it's what Australians call the band. (I need to ask my ex-pat friend in Australia if this is still true in the year 2022.) And Harry Potts, while sounding to an uncultured American like the knock-off version of Hermione's best friend, is in fact an esteemed photographer who captured AC/DC and many others at Manchester Apollo. This was Manchester Apollo back in its heyday of unapologetic, sweaty rock 'n roll. 

AC/DC - Manchester Apollo - 1979 by Harry Potts

AC/DC - Manchester Apollo - 1982 by Harry Potts

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