How to Use Music Method Books Creatively! (Live Sessions from Anja Wade Music Studio)

How to Use Music Method Books Creatively! (A blog post by Anja Wade)

Have you caught any of my Facebook live sessions recently? Last week I discussed ways to use music method books creatively. You know, the sometimes dry or prosaic ones that everyone uses. And the exciting ones too! 

In the first session, I talked about Tip #1: 

Try playing a song or exercise backwards to maximize the effectiveness of your practice session. This could be by note, by measure, or by phrase. 

Why, you might ask? For many reasons, such as helping you highlight details in the music. Watch the video for more insight! It's important to add that this tip can be tailored to any musician. We looked at it in the context of Guitar Method Book 1 by Hal Leonard, and I demonstrated on guitar. 

Try my tip out and let me know what you think! Does it help you rejuvenate your practice routines, or approach familiar music in a new way? 

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