Timbales, Bass, and More: This Week's YouTube Video

This week, when creating my latest YouTube video, my mind drifted to Miami, The Buena Vista Social Club, Brazil, and Cumbia. 

I started off with some percussion loops, first playing with the tempo, then layering textures that felt right. I love jazz and Latin music that breathes with rhythmic life. It's like cooking a good meal... You start with a good groove or ostinato, then add other elements... Timbales and a bold bass line in this case. 

Once I had the backing track recorded, I contemplated what to track on top. Definitely lead guitar lines. But acoustic or electric? I couldn't decide - so I did both! Haha. And then I used the split screen feature in my video editor to feature both visuals. 

Every recording and video is a little adventure. A journey that leads me to the next... I hope you enjoy!

 Anja Wade Copyright 2020