New CAGED System Tutorial Video

Just posted a new tutorial video on my YouTube channel as part of a series on the CAGED System. If you've ever wanted to explore scales and chords on the guitar, this series is for you!

The CAGED system is named after five major chord shapes: C major, A major, G major, E major, and D major. Each chord has a distinctive "constellation" or pattern of notes that form an identifiable shape. These shapes occur in a predictable order along the neck of the guitar.

The G major shape (or G major "form" as it is called in the CAGED system) can be used to play any scale. In this specific video - Part IV of my series on the CAGED system - I look at the C major scale in the G form. In other words, how to play a C major scale in a pattern that resembles the shape of a G major chord.

The notes of a C major scale are: C, D, E, F, G, A, B, back to C. I can play these notes in myriad places on the neck of the guitar. To start, find the note C on the eighth fret of the low E string. Now put your pinky there. You're in position to follow along with the video! I'll show you how this starting position translates into the G form of C major. Yep, a C major scale that simply takes the SHAPE (not the notes!) of a G major chord. (Hint: watch at 1:21 to see the scale in action!)

Confused yet? Don't be! This system is a really convenient and accessible way to understand the neck of the guitar. I encourage you to watch these videos and follow along. Check it out! :)