Back In the Studio

Hello! Guess what? I'm back in the studio with Chelsey Nicole and the Northside Vamps, a Pittsburgh-based R&B/soul group. This time last year we were prepping to open up for the one and only Trombone Shorty in Pittsburgh, PA. And now we are steadily making progress on a brand new EP.  Think equal parts Otis Rush, Amy Winehouse, Santana, and New Orleans-style horns. After working on some new ideas, new sounds, and fresh grooves, it's time to get it done and lay down some HEAVINESS in the studio.

There's also a fundraiser going on right now. Chelsey herself put together a funky trailer for you to watch that showcases some of the music and energy behind the project. If you dig what you hear and see, please consider donating or sharing the link. Just click the image below for more info. And listen, I feel you if money's tight... but really anything and everything counts. Honestly. We'll still think you're awesome for your contribution, and if you can't afford that, please share the link. Sharing's caring! I'll keep you posted on our progress with the EP. Toodaloo for now.