Long Time No Talk

Hey y'all, been awhile since I've posted... I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving stateside. I've been staying busy working, practicing, and teaching. Most recently I had to learn a set of fun pop tunes for a duo gig. Everything from Britney to Miley to 80's tunes.

I've also been daydreaming lately about building the ultimate pedal board... And so I've been exploring pedals and such. My friend gifted me an old Danelectro Hash Browns Flanger pedal and I'm excited to play around with it. As soon as I plugged it in and tested it out I knew it would be a fun gadget to have.

I'm curious to know - what pedals get you amped up? (Heh - no pun intended). What's the coolest/weirdest/most obscure pedal on your board? Lemme know. It's a wide world out there with lots of sounds and options.