Lessons by Anja Wade Music Studio
I teach guitar, ukulele, piano, bass, and voice. To inquire about online lessons, or to request a professional résumé, visit Anja Wade Music Studio OR email anjawademusicstudio@gmail.com.

My Mission Statement:
Teaching is immensely important to me. I offer lessons on guitar as well as ukulele, piano, bass, and voice. Subject areas may be combined given the student's interests and needs. In addition to years of study on my primary instruments, I have studied different methodologies and pedagogical approaches to music education. These include but are not limited to the Kodály Method, the Orff-Schulwerk approach, Dalcroze Eurhythmics, and Gordon Music Learning Theory. Using a blend of these methodologies, I strive to foster student-centered learning. Thus, I provide a unique and personalized experience for each individual based on their needs, strengths, and goals.