About Anja Wade, musician and educator

musician and educator

Anja Wade Music Studio was founded when the global pandemic hit Southern California, venues closed overnight, and the local studio where Anja worked suddenly shut down. Left to her own devices, she did what any resilient entrepreneur does - pivoted and opened her own business. Working from a tiny apartment in downtown Los Angeles amidst civil unrest and constant threats of violence, she kept her head down and remained focused. 2020 initiated the expansion of performance opportunities, virtual offerings, a new partnership with YouTube, and an affiliate position with Amazon - all accomplished under her own management. 

Today, Anja approaches business with the unrelenting enthusiasm and work ethic that defines American tradition and faith in God. Born to a Dutch immigrant and African American, she gratefully pursues artistic excellence in the music industry and beyond. Philanthropy and education are important to her. At a time when uncertainty reigns and authenticity is rare, Anja consistently delivers compelling art. Music continues to be her muse. She finds strength and hope in her family, friends, and God. 

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